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University of Texas

This Skyfold wall proudly takes it place in Austin, Texas and is located at The University of Texas in the Briscoe Center. The Skyfold wall is operated on a daily basis to divide a large open space into a small conference room and a medium presentation space. That is what happens when an operable wall is super easy to use, it gets used often and a flexible space is just that, flexible!!

University of Oklahoma

Summer of 2017, TRW Oklahoma was honored to be a part of this incredible stadium renovation! Take a look at the Skyfold in the Red Room at Oklahoma University!

New Charles Schwab & Co Corporate Campus Tops Off
Charles Schwab has included Skyfold walls in the designs of a number of their facilities, the most recent being in Austin TX. Why would Charles Schwab possibly continue to invest in Skyfold, at multiple locations, in multiple states? What possibly makes Skyfold worthy of their investment? Perhaps it’s:

  • Unmatched “system” STC ratings
  • Exceptional acoustical performance on site
  • Simple and effortless operation
  • Takes minutes to deploy and seal wall or retract and pocket
  • Unlimited options for finishes makes Skyfold a beautiful   feature in any design

As quoted:

“Dennis Howard, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer for Schwab, emphasized that “the campus will reflect our employees’ spirit of teamwork, collaboration and passion for their work—and be a great place to work.”

TRW is excited to provide Charles Schwab with THREE Skyfold walls at their new campus in Austin TX!

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