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About Us

About Us

TRW Family of Companies provides the sales, installation, and service of flexible space design & operable walls. We assist our clients through the process of commercial design by creating spaces that encourage creativity, community, and sustainability. Our focus is and has always been excellent customer service by assisting our clients in finding the perfect solutions that incorporate the highest standards in technology, aesthetics, and durability. We help our customers experience perfect space division, improving their lives and their success.

The TRW family is driven to serve! Our customers have problems and we provide solutions.

Whether the challenge is about efficiency in dividing space, achieving excellent acoustics, improving energy efficiency, or developing a life safety strategy, we have the expertise and outstanding quality products to help our clients optimize their success.

Our dedicated, experienced employees work together as a close-knit family and offer that same attention to our valued clients to help them achieve their goals.

Our desire is to make our clients’ lives better and their businesses more successful. To this end, our motto is “Defining Space Room to Room”. Thank you for placing your trust in us!




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