We are a family of product developers working together to bring quality, integrity, innovation and efficiency to our clients. From the conception of the vision of a space to the completion of that space, we collaborate with our clients to incorporate the leading solutions in space division.


TRW Family of Companies Locations

TRW – Houston

6754 Bourgeois Road
Houston, TX 77066 | Map It
Phone: 713-690-3484
Fax: 713-690-4911

TRW – Dallas

10430 Shady Trail, Ste 105
Dallas, TX 75220 | Map It
Phone: 214-357-2572
Fax: 214-357-2586

TRW – Central Texas

113 Hillcrest Drive
LaVernia, TX 78121 | Map It
Phone: 512-310-8414
Fax: 512-310-8442

TRW – Oklahoma

2104 Raintree Road
Edmond, OK 73013 | Map It
Phone: 405-285-2261
Fax: 405-285-2439
Cell: 405-641-5934

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